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Stringers Lytham

"National World constantly strive to give us the best return on our investment. Really impressed!"

Results in a nutshell

100 new Facebook visits every month

The Client

Stringers is an independent department store in the centre of Lytham. Run by the Clarke family since 1952, the store specialises in homeware and fashion goods.

The Challenge

Stringers wanted to find a new way to drive traffic to their smaller events and showcase products that they wouldn’t normally have the budget to include in their traditional print and online campaigns. To achieve these goals while also fulfilling a third ambition - growing their audience on social media - we set up a Social Display campaign for Stringers across our local news websites.

The Results

Social posts from Stringers have been seen 46,000 times, bringing 100 new visits to their Facebook page each month.

National World’s approach has been first class. They take stock of our business challenges and constantly strive to give us the best return on our investment. The transition from print to digital advertising has been seamless, and we can see the results clearly. Really impressed!

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