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Reach thousands of locals in Birmingham

BirminghamWorld will help you get the right message to the right people in a trusted environment.
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Make lasting connections with local customers

Birmingham businesses need a digital presence that will make a strong impression on target customers.

Our online marketing experts at the BirminghamWorld will help you reach local people in the Birmingham area through formats ranging from digital banner ads to video. On top of this, we are the UK’s only local news publisher to provide all our customers with cutting-edge brand lift reports that tell you exactly how well your campaigns are performing.

Our job is to get your advertising message into the minds of potential customers while you get on with running your business.

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Why work with us?

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Recommended advertising solutions for Birmingham businesses

Webpage Takeover

Make a strong first impression with Birmingham customers
Attract 3x more engagement than standard digital display advertising
Start strong with the first ad impression on site
Make an impact with exclusive use of all ad slots on the page
Prices for a gauranteed daily first impression webpage takeover start from £249 with discounts available for multiple bookings

Online Advertising

The easiest way to reach Birmingham customers
Attention-grabbing, gorgeous visual ads appear on our popular BirminghamWorld news site
Promote your business across all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet
Target a Birmingham audience by age, gender, interest and more
Prices vary depending on your ad size and targeting range
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Source: *JICREG, September 2020
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