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Become local customers’ business of choice by featuring in a professionally-written article.

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Make your business a local favourite

Your business needs a message that speaks to local people’s real interests, and no one knows how to talk to your community like our journalists. Now they can do it on your behalf with an article related to your business in your local news brand, to embed your message in the minds of local customers.
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Engage people with an interest in what you sell
Build local confidence in your business
Demonstrate your business’s particular expertise
Develop a strong local reputation
Motivate our readers to take action
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Choose from a large range of pre-written articles, written by professional journalists, on topics relevant to your business
Feature prominently on your preferred local news sites
Articles are personalised to your business to encourage readers to take further action
Packages start from £155
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Pick your own messaging with a bespoke article written specifically for your business and tailored to your objectives
Feature prominently on your preferred local news sites
You own the article, and can use it on your own website, social media pages, emails and more
Packages start from £360

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Guaranteed views

A professionally-written, tailor-made article that is permanently hosted on our local news website
A minimum of 250 article views guaranteed
Includes social posts on our newsbrand Facebook and Twitter accounts
No cap on maximum views

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Scotland Food & Drink
"The team were invested in our campaign, helping us achieve our target of record applications."

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