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Event Sponsorship

Connect meaningfully with live, local audiences
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Raise your business’s profile in the community by sponsoring a local event

Give your brand a visibility boost by sponsoring a local event, for serious impact. Event sponsorship can help position your business as an integral part of your community. So get involved with your local awards ceremony, conference or outdoor festival to fix your brand in the minds of the people that matter.
Brand visibility before, during and after the event
Network with like-minded businesses and generate leads
Strengthen your relationships with existing customers
Make your mark on awards ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions and outdoor events
Increase your prestige by associating with a quality event in the local calendar

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Recommended advertising solutions for your business

Event partnership

Become an event partner with a headline sponsorship package
Have your say on event content for awards, exhibitions or conferences
Opportunity to join awards judging panel and address the audience at the event
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Category sponsorship

Show your support for a specific category at an awards ceremony
Present the award on stage to the winner
Display your branding in association with a chosen category on trophies, certificates and online
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At-event branding

Become a sponsor of the event programme, drinks reception or banquet tables
Provide promotional materials to a captive audience
Put your branding at the heart of the event 
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