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Brand Lift Reports

Clicks don’t tell the full story. Understand the true impact of your digital advertising.

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Finally, a way to measure the real impact of your online advertising campaigns

We are the UK’s only local publisher to provide all our customers with a comprehensive brand lift campaign report as standard1. Our partner, Brand Metrics, provide independent, state-of-the-art measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns at each stage of the marketing funnel, helping our customers benefit from 19% greater brand lift with us than with other newsbrand publishers.
Brand Metrics report from JPIMedia
No more reliance on click-through rates
Simple-to-understand results
Know exactly which part of the marketing funnel to focus on
Create better strategies for future campaigns
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Why work with us?

We provide brand lift reports for the following products

Video advertising

The fastest-growing form of advertising in the UK
Attract 9x more attention than digital display ads2
Speed up revenue growth by almost 50% year-on-year3
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Online advertising

Display striking visual ads on popular local news sites
Sophisticated targeting options
Brand Metrics comes free with a minimum purchase 50,000 impressions
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Social display

Put your social media posts into an online environment that attracts far more attention - a quality news website
Boost viewing time and attention by 7 times vs Facebook4
Maximise existing posts’ value without further effort required
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1 Min. purchase 50,000 impressions; 2 Lumen & Unruly 2018; 3 Forbes 2017 4 Polar 2018.
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