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23rd September 2020

9 Uplifting Business Predictions for Christmas 2020

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We won’t sugarcoat it - 2020 has been a lot to deal with. The onslaught of the coronavirus and the spring’s subsequent lockdowns have made this year uniquely challenging for individuals, families, communities and businesses alike. 

But as we move into the final few months of this ill-fated year, the prospect of Christmas has never felt more important. And there’s reason to be cheerful, particularly if you’re a business owner. It seems that, for all of 2020’s economic upheavals, people are still looking forward to celebrating the festive season with the usual flurry of spending. 

To get you ready for the Christmas season, take a read of these stats, facts and predictions that point towards a very merry Christmas for businesses. 

1. 73% of holiday consumers plan to spend as much at Christmas as they did last year  (Rakuten Advertising

This is the headline that really matters. A clear majority of customers have no intention of spending less at Christmas than they did last year, so you shouldn’t need to worry about a shortage of demand. 

2. 51% of customers are not planning to reduce their spending throughout the second lockdown (Rakuten Advertising

Around half of customers claim they won’t be deterred by recent stricter restrictions. 

3. Families intend to spend around 25% more than usual on Christmas presents in 2020 (

After all the school closures and disruption to kids’ way of life, it’s no wonder that parents want to spoil their children a little bit this Christmas. 

4. The average British household managed to spend £2,879 during lockdown (

Your customers may well have a bit more money put away than usual, and you might stand to benefit from that this year.

5. 88% of customers across the world intend to keep buying from the brands they tried out during lockdown (Bazaarvoice)

Lockdown saw a lot of people try out businesses they’d never previously used. Maybe you were one of them. If so, you’re likely to retain those customers. 

6. It looks like mega sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to be even bigger this year (Immediate Future

This means that you’ve got to get your promotional strategy planned out well in advance of these key dates. 

7. 85% of retailers believe that online shopping will increase this year (Bazaarvoice)

2020 really is the year to boost your ecommerce capacity. After all, over half of brands and retailers are upgrading theirs. 

8. 27% of UK consumers intend to start Christmas shopping earlier than usual this year (Ebay)

Christmas prep is starting early for over a quarter of us this Christmas. That means you need your marketing campaign up and running earlier too; you don’t want to miss out on 2020’s new batch of early bird buyers. 

9. 54% of consumers worldwide have no intention of reducing their spend for tent pole events in early 2021 like Valentine’s Day (Rakuten Advertising)

Consumers’ determination to properly observe life’s normal calendar dates isn’t just limited to Christmas. This points to a return to a healthier economy in the beginning of 2021. 

It’s been a hugely disorientating year for most businesses, but it looks like Christmas 2020 is yours for the taking. 

We can help you do Christmas right by getting your message out to festive customers with an end-to-end marketing campaign. Just call us on 0330 403 0497 to find out what our local advertising experts could do for you. 

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