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18th February 2019

Get More Calls To Your Business With Digital Marketing

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Drumming up interest online should be a key plank in any business’s marketing strategy. But many companies still need their marketing strategy to drive engagement through more traditional channels: to get more calls, enquiries and in-store visits.

If this sounds like you, don’t go disconnecting the broadband just yet! A decent digital marketing strategy can efficiently motivate people you’ve reached online to pick up the phone and call you. Here are 5 tips for using digital marketing to get more calls.

  1. Put your number everywhere you can

Clearly displaying your contact details across all your digital collateral is the first and most basic step you can take to drive higher call volumes.

Do you have a website? Display your number on your homepage and elsewhere on your site. Include it as a static element of your header and footer on every page of your site, put it in calls to action and (obviously) on your contact page.

Make sure to hyperlink it on your website, so that a single tap from a mobile device will instantly connect a call.

Also put it in the relevant sections of your social media sites (such as your bio and contact sections), and include it in any digital videos you might create.

  1. Make your website mobile responsive

Now that 52% of all online traffic comes from smartphones, it’s a safe bet that a lot of your prospective customers will form their first impression of you by checking out your site on their mobiles.

That’s why your website has to be designed to be mobile responsive - to adapt seamlessly to smaller screens without loss of functionality or visual coherence.

If your page won’t render properly on a visitor’s phone, there’s very little chance they’ll trawl through a mess of website elements to find your number, let alone call it.

Read this article to find out how to design a mobile-friendly site, or get in touch with our digital experts to have one built for you!

  1. Sign up for Google My Business

When you’re looking to get more calls, Google Maps is an indispensable resource. You can get your business listed on it - complete with your phone number prominently displayed (and easily clickable) and a round-up of customer reviews - absolutely for free when you register a few details on Google My Business.

For more advice on doing so, check out this step-by-step guide.

  1. Use Google Ads

Google Ads allows you to display ads on Google’s result pages to people searching for phrases related to your business.

One thing that’s really useful for directing people to call you is the service’s call extensions feature.

Call extensions allow you to display your phone number on all your PPC ads. When people are browsing on mobile devices, this shows up as a button allowing them to click and call you instantly. You can even time these only to appear during your opening hours.

You can even use Call-Only Ads, which appear exclusively on mobile devices, saving you money on advertising to desktop users unlikely to manually type in your number after seeing your ad. What’s more, you only pay when someone actually makes a call!

To set up a winning search engine campaign that’ll drive more calls to your business, speak to our Google Ads experts today.

  1. Run regular special offers

Even after you’ve implemented all these technical tips, you still need to give people an incentive to call you.

Run regular promotions to create a buzz around your business, and remember to follow step 1 when advertising them!

Now you’re ready to harness the power of digital marketing to get more calls through to your business. All that’s left is to keep your phone close and to answer every call with the name of your business and a friendly, confident tone.

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