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12th November 2019

6 Benefits of Local Event Marketing For Your Business

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We’re approaching that time of year where champagne corks are popped, glad rags are donned and good times are had.

Hosting a local event might seem very different to planning the company Christmas do (and it is), but they do share one common purpose: to engage attendees.

At JPIMedia, whether we're holding grand award ceremonies, conferences or festivals, adopting an effective event marketing strategy has helped us raise our local profile and reach a whole new set of customers.

Here’s 6 ways local event marketing can help your own business hit it big:

1. Get to know your customers

Scarborough Food and Drink Festival takes place on Scarborough's West Pier.

Hosting an event gives you the valuable opportunity to meet and interact with your customers on a personal level.

Getting to know them face-to-face lets you market to them directly by showing them your products first-hand

Opening your event up to feedback will take it one step further. Encouraging your attendees to leave positive reviews on websites such as Yelp and Google My Business will help boost your SEO presence and show potential customers that you are a business they can trust.

2. Increase brand awareness

The Gazette Education Awards at The Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

A properly marketed event can attract a lot of attention, both from your competitors and the local community.

Keep an eye on similar events in your area and consider how yours can be unique. Think about what you want to achieve, and how the event will provide value to your customers and boost your sales.

For example, a workshop would help a trade company demonstrate their expertise, but wouldn’t be quite so useful to a funeral home.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to get the word out. Do this in every way you can, whether it's by sharing the event on social media, including an invite in your weekly email newsletters or handing out flyers in-store.

If you want some help with standing out against competitors, check out our piece on building brand awareness.

3. Reach a new audience

It’s not always a question of whether you should adopt an event marketing strategy, but how. In cases where it’s not viable to host an event, sponsorship is a welcome alternative.

Attending and sponsoring other people’s events is an effective way to raise your local profile and reach an entirely new set of customers. At JPIMedia we are passionate about supporting our local community and encourage all types of businesses to apply for sponsorship at our various events.

To find out more about becoming a sponsor, please contact our events team for more information.

4. Boost sales

Leeds Food and Drink Festival, Millennium Square, Leeds.

If the event runs smoothly, a considerable uplift in foot traffic should follow. More people now know who you are and therefore are far more likely to think of your product or service when they’re in need of it.

Push yourself to the front of their mind with discount cards and tokens. Hand these out at the event and give potential customers an incentive to visit your store at a later date.

5. Social media benefits

Social media is a major tool for all kinds of businesses, so make sure you leverage it before, during and after the event.

Promoting discounted early bird tickets and even ticket giveaway campaigns on your Facebook well in advance is a great way to kick off proceedings.

Make sure you encourage attendees to check in to the event, take photos and videos and post them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A custom hashtag for attendees to use will go a long way in creating a buzz around your big day.

Our new social display product spreads your social media posts across our trusted local news network. If your event was based in Yorkshire; for example, pushing your promotional social posts in front of The Yorkshire Post’s digital readers would help boost attendance.

6. Earn credibility

Your event should create deeper connections with potential customers. The best way to do this is by helping them see the face behind your business.

Hosting an educational event, like a class or seminar, will demonstrate not just that you know what you are doing, but that you’re so accomplished at it you feel confident to teach others. Rather than just registering in people’s minds as another company that sells a product or service, you will have established yourself as a thought leader in your field.

If you expect potential customers to pay you for your services, they’ve got to trust your expertise. Give them the proof they need.

In closing...

Hosting an event helps businesses create real human connections and bond with potential customers outside the regular working environment.

Show off like a true professional with an event marketing strategy, and grow your company’s brand awareness, sales and reputation. Contact our events team for help getting started or call us on 01246 504564 today!

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