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20th August 2018

Why a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy is the Key to Local Advertising

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If you want to vanquish your competitors with a really powerful local advertising campaign, then you’re going to need a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy.

The average person consumes hours of media each day across umpteen different platforms, and the more places on which you can reach them, the better. They might wake up and check their phone before stepping out to buy the local paper, or just browse the headlines on an app on their way to work. At their office, they’ll almost definitely use a computer to search Google and visit websites crammed with banner ads placed by your competitors, and they might return home and sit in front of the television, tablet in hand, exposed every few minutes to impactful advertising.

We know for a fact that people are most likely to buy from a brand they’ve seen in numerous places, so if you currently restrict your advertising to one or two favoured channels, then you’re almost definitely missing out on a bounty of customers. Here are just a few of the opportunities that a multi-channel marketing strategy presents to your business.

Become the leading market name

Customers make buying decisions based on who first comes to mind when they think of a product or category. Marketers are always searching for the best way to make a brand name stick in their customers' subconscious, ready to pop up as soon as they think about a specific something.

This is where multi-channel advertising really shines. If you're promoting your product or service with clear and concise branding in all the places people visit regularly, online and offline, this repeated exposure to your business’s identity will hopefully create an automatic association in their minds between your product category and your brand. Soon enough, when a product pops into their heads, local customers need think no further afield than your shopfront.

Become the big fish in a small pond

If you were to devise and implement a nationwide multi-channel marketing strategy, you’d likely have to spend a great deal of time, money and effort, but thankfully as a local business you don’t need to worry about this. If you limit yourself to targeting particular kinds of customers within a specified area, the costs come down enormously.

By limiting the geographic area you are targeting, you can redeploy your budget into greater marketing firepower, across numerous channels. You also benefit from the ability to reach particular demographics across a wide spectrum of media and devices, not to mention on offline channels such as local newspapers and signage. This provides valuable opportunities to connect with members of the public and turn them into your paying customers.

Budget more efficiently

Working across a cluster of marketing channels requires you to invest a fair deal of time and attention into assessing your performance, but this can have some big payoffs for your bottom line. When you’re surveying the relative successes of a range of ad formats, you can quickly discover exactly which ones are earning you the most leads and sales, and by how much.

This allows you to adjust your budget as often as you need during a campaign, re-allocating money from less fruitful channels to the ones that are really hitting it big. How well any one channel will serve a particular business is hard to predict, and spreading your options while staying on top of your performance figures saves you wasting valuable cash on unproductive leads.

Finding the time to look after a campaign across all the different platforms available can seem a daunting task if you’ve got the day-to-day runnings of a business to worry about, but with only a moderate amount of effort and a bit of attention to this guide, you’ll be putting yourself way ahead of your competitors.

To find out more about starting up a stellar local advertising campaign, why not check out these handy guides?

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