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17th November 2017

3 Important Stats Showing Why Print Advertising is Still Relevant

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As a local business, using a mix of marketing techniques is your gateway to success when it comes to achieving your goals. Being seen online is increasingly important in the digital world we live in, however print advertising is still key in helping to embed your business in the heart of the local community.

There are many advantages to using print advertising as well as online, so here are three important stats that highlight why print advertising is still relevant and why it should be a key component of your marketing plan.

1) People are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in print compared to online

This is a great statistic to show the power of engagement that print advertising brings. When reading a newspaper, people are investing their time and are much more focused on the content itself. There are less distractions so making sure your business is seen in your local paper is a great way to raise awareness of what you do, and more importantly, be remembered so that when someone needs a product or service you can offer, you become their first choice.

Vying for someone’s attention on the internet can be difficult and there are many other distractions online; they may not be fully invested on the web page with multiple other websites open at the same time. Advertising online has its own advantages though and is still extremely effective, however take advantage of engaging more customers with print advertising as well.

2) 61% of customers trust adverts in newspapers compared to just 42% who trust online adverts

Getting found in print can be seen as a safer and more credible way of being discovered by potential customers. Pop-up ads and viruses can make people more cautious of online ads, whereas print adverts help to instil trust and familiarity within a paper that is widely recognised in the local community.

Newspaper titles have often been around for years so by advertising in this way, you’re helping to establish your business as trustworthy and recognised within in a reputable title.

3) Advertising in newspapers makes online advertising four times more effective

The benefits of print advertising can be even more far-reaching when coupled with online advertising. We mentioned at the start that a mix of marketing techniques is key in achieving your goals and this statistic helps to prove exactly that! We’ve seen that print advertising alone can be extremely effective in raising awareness and engaging customers, but by advertising online as well, you can target people more specifically by age, gender and interests, for example, in order to reach your ideal customers.

Using a mix of marketing is ultimately the best way to advertise your business so that you reach a wider audience and engage the right type of people across different platforms who are more likely to buy from you.

Just because we live more of our lives online, it doesn’t mean print has lost its place in the marketing world. These statistics prove quite the opposite; so never underestimate the power of print advertising and remember the best marketing plans achieve the most when print and online advertising work alongside each other.

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