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29th July 2020

How To Rebuild Your Brand

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The high streets are thronged with customers once again, and the cash registers are ringing out in shops, pubs and salons across the country. Very soon, all four corners of the UK will have fully reopened, and customers everywhere will be faced with a familiar choice -  where shall I spend my money? 

If you’ve noticed fewer customers now than before lockdown, then you need to work on rebuilding your brand. Your brand isn’t just what you sell, though that certainly plays a part. It’s everything your name means in the minds of anyone familiar with your name, and the value stored in your business’s distinct identity in the marketplace. All these weaken during periods of business inactivity. 

Why your brand matters right now

In tough times, businesses with the most pronounced, singular brand identities - specifically, those who ‘keep the lights on’ and continue advertising through a downturn - see sales recover faster than those without. In fact, strong brands recovered 9x faster following the 2008 financial crisis, according to Kantar. But establishing that kind of presence in people’s minds is an art in itself. To effectively build your brand, you need to have some clear objectives in mind.

Making sales may seem like the main aim, and we won’t understate its importance. But it’s one that you can only get to after you’ve successfully tackled several vital preliminary goals. These goals come in stages that map onto the typical process by which prospects become customers. Taken together, they form a shape that marketers call ‘the marketing funnel’, incorporating 4 key stages: 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Preference
  • Purchase
Marketing Funnel

In this article, we’ll be focusing on hitting the first 3 stages - cultivating new potential customers and getting them into a purchase-ready mindset. This is all about building a highly visible brand that elicits positive associations in the minds of those familiar with it. Let’s go through these stages in order. 


After a lengthy spell of inactivity, you might not be at the front of people’s minds anymore. That doesn’t mean your target customer base has completely forgotten about you, just that they need a bit of a reminder. 

Luckily, that’s more than doable, whatever your budget. You just need to get your message out to the right people on a wide range of channels. The name of the game is to build recognition of all the components of your company’s outward presentation. This includes your name, your logo, your slogan, your visual language and your tone of voice

To rebuild your brand’s standing, you need to hit the spaces that your target audience spend their time with ads that coherently showcase all these components. A display advertising campaign with a heavy presence on popular local newspapers, websites, and even audio podcast ads, will quickly reintroduce your brand to an engaged and relevant readership.


Awareness is the easy part. Once you’ve told people about your business, you need to convince them that they should consider coming to it. This means you have to spend time on getting your messaging right, but before that, it also requires you to think about your choice of advertising channel

In this intensely multi-channel, digital world, your choice of channel medium dictates your audience. Want to reach an affluent audience of over-45s? Local news, in print and online, is your best bet. Trying to strengthen your appeal to a younger niche? Get advertising on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

People will ultimately pay more attention to the content of your advertising message if it appears on the platforms they feel the greatest affinity to - which is why local publications are such an effective place to start. 


As businesses reopen after coronavirus, we found in our lockdown survey that 94% of our readers want to get out there and support local businesses. But many people are still understandably anxious about the risks of being out in public. You might have grabbed their attention with an eye-catching display campaign and whetted their appetites with well-crafted messaging, but if they think you’re unsafe to visit, then there’s no chance they’ll choose you over your nearest competitor. 

There’s an easy solution here - you can use your advertising to reassure health-conscious customers about all the precautionary measures you’ve put in place. This doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) dominate your message; it’s simply a case of reminding customers that you’ve installed hand sanitiser stations, or have reorganised your shop floor to facilitate social distancing. 

But there are other ways you can make yourself people’s natural choice of business that are less about advertising and more about building links with your community. Physical in-store events may still not be on the cards for a while now, but virtual events like community quizzes, or even fundraising drives for local causes, will help you rebuild a valuable reputation as a truly local brand. There’s nothing more attractive to local customers than a business engaged with the causes that matter to them and their community. 

This may be a tough time for businesses of all sectors, but the strength of your recovery will depend a large part on the strength of your brand. Rebuilding your brand after this strange period of inactivity and uncertainty depends on getting the right message out as quickly as possible in order to make a meaningful impression on your local community. Our advertising solutions can help you do this. 

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