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12th August 2019

6 Essential Marketing Stats For Small Businesses

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Whether you’re a large or small business, an effective marketing strategy should adapt to changing trends. Digital marketing is a fast-evolving world, and it’s important you stay in the know.

We’ve picked out some of the most important current marketing stats to help you get a leg up on less in-the-know competitors.

  1. 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before they engaged with a sales representative (Demand Gen Report)

Content is the bedrock of a modern marketing campaign. Customers appreciate having some high-quality material to look over in their own time before kickstarting their journey to a purchase, so make sure that you’re producing everything from case studies to blog posts to really show your business at its best.

Not sure where to start? Click here to discover the different types of marketing content and collateral you could be making.

  1. 40% of small businesses say that their top marketing challenge is proving the Return on Investment of their marketing (Hubspot)

Setting up your campaign is only half the story - you need to monitor your performance to make sure it’s making you money.

It’s important you don’t get complacent, so frequently assess what’s working and what isn’t. Try researching new tools and platforms that might help you improve your performance.

With this in mind, we’d highly recommend crafting a marketing plan and budget before you even launch the campaign. Knowing which tools you plan to use and how much you can afford to spend will help you reach new customers and get real value for money.

  1. 42% of small businesses don’t use a strong website and social media channels in tandem to market themselves (The Drum)

Chances are, the majority of your competitors are already online, so you’ll only beat them by joining them.

Getting yourself online takes work, but it’s important you tap into that huge digital audience. Social media is a good place to start, allowing you to reach customers on platforms they trust. Linking your social media profiles to your website will greatly increase your visibility online. Having your own website is a prerequisite for reaching and communicating with customers. It even helps you streamline your sales process through an online store.

If you would like help in building your online presence, contact our marketing experts to hear about our wide range of website packages.

  1. Approximately 89% of messages sent to brands through social media are being ignored (Holbi)

Social media is a stress-free and profitable digital platform, and the perfect place to kick off a digital strategy - as long as you’re vigilant about providing a great customer service experience!

With everybody and their nan on social media these days, it’s becoming an increasingly vital customer service platform. You can communicate more freely and openly with your customers and leave a great impression that’ll have them keen to come back, so don’t squander these advantages by neglecting your social inbox!

  1. 75% of companies believe that email offers either good or excellent Return On Investment (Voilanorbert)

Sending emails to your target audience helps you build credibility with informative and helpful content. It’s also a proven sales engine.

Building a rapport with your email subscription list promotes loyalty, which then can translate into repeat purchases. If you haven’t already started using email to market yourself, it’s easy and free to do so with programs like MailChimp.

While sending the right emails could bring more people together, sending the wrong ones could tear your customer base apart. Sending unsolicited emails will anger potential customers and risk losing them altogether. Additionally, always ensure your emails are mobile-friendly as people will also lose patience if they can’t read the content when or where they want.

We hope these stats will help you better plan your marketing strategy, helping you understand which marketing tools to invest in, and those you shouldn’t.

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