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20th March 2017

4 Branding Tips to Make Your Business Memorable

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Branding might sound like something that only national companies should do, but the truth is it’s important no matter how big or small your business. It goes beyond the colours that you use in your logo; it’s a consistent representation of your local business to all those that come into contact with you.

That’s why it’s important that all your marketing, whether a print advert or a Facebook post, have the same range of colours, images and writing style. Recognisable branding reinforces your business in people's minds each time they come into contact with you, which helps them trust your products or services and can make them more likely to buy from you.

Here are some tips to help you with branding that will make your business memorable.

1) Define your offering

You can’t sell yourself unless you know exactly what it is you’re selling. Review what you offer and look closely to see if this lines up with the needs and wants of your target audience. If it doesn’t, consider if you’re trying to target the wrong customers or if you need to alter what you’re offering slightly. Once you’re happy, the next step is to look at what makes you different to your competitors, this is commonly referred to as your USP (or unique selling point). It’s important to shout about this in every piece of marketing that you do to remind potential customers why they should choose you over a competitor.

2) Use your logo consistently

Consider this quote from Colour Matters, about the power of a single image (i.e. your business's logo):

“A single image delivers a lot of information in a very short time because we perceive an image all at once … reading or hearing often takes significantly longer to process the same information.”

Creating a memorable logo is an effective way to make your local business stand out against your competitors, and quickly.

Make sure your logo is on all communications, from delivery notes to emails. This small feature can link all your marketing together and make your business seem more professional and therefore trustworthy. The more familiar people are with your logo, the more likely you’ll spring to mind next time they need your products or services.

3) Use the same business name on all channels

If your shop front says Billy’s Electrical Services but your Facebook page is just Billy’s and your Google My Business listing is Billy’s Electricals, it’s easy to see how your customers might have trouble finding you when they need you most. Make sure your business name is the same across all your channels, whether it’s your shop, website or social media, and you’ll avoid any confusion.

If you list your business name differently on several channels, it also makes it harder for Google to link up the different profiles as one sole business, which could have a negative impact on your ranking in search results. For more information, read the second point of this article.

4) Create a ‘voice’ for your business

Whatever business you’re in, you’re in it because you’re the expert who can provide helpful, valuable information, and it’s important that you communicate this expertise in a consistent way. By creating a clear ‘voice’ for your business, and using it consistently across all your marketing channels, you’ll remind customers and potential customers of your unique expertise. For more information on sharing expertise, read point three in this article.

Think about the ‘personality’ of your business – could it be friendly, or formal? Use this personality when you’re writing marketing materials, like email newsletters or adverts, to remind people of who you are and what you offer.

Having a memorable brand, and using it consistently, is one of the keys to building a good reputation and keeping your local business at the front of people’s minds. We’ve got more articles that can help you improve perceptions of your local business and win more customers. Read these for more ideas:

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