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Why Restaurants Should Reveal Their Secrets to Win Customers

A marketing plan, like any great lasagne, involves several layers to achieve a winning dish and most restaurants will have a secret ingredient or two which makes their lasagne even tastier.

Unbelievably you should take a similar approach to marketing your restaurant… We don’t mean make a large lasagne (however if you do decide to do that please send it to the team here) but if you can envisage the promotion of your restaurant as your lasagne layers, and your expertise as the secret ingredients.

By sharing your expertise you are going to have more of an opportunity to engage with your potential customers. If you can keep up a steady delivery of tips, how to guides, mouth-watering images and maybe even videos you will keep your potential customers engaged until they’re ready to book their next meal out.

This marketing skill is known as content marketing, it really does work and here are three reasons why.

1) Education, education, education

You are the expert in producing tasty meals, so share your wealth of knowledge and become an educator. If you do share your knowledge this will, in turn transform the way people view your business. You’ll not only be seen as a culinary expert, but you will also increase the level of trust among potential customers (extremely important in the food industry) and become their first choice when they next eat out. This means that more people are more likely to eat at your restaurant.

2) Increase your restaurant’s profile

Sharing your expertise will mean you can talk to a higher number of people directly instead of relying on word of mouth solely working for you.

Having great content is one thing, getting your content out there is another. It’s so important to share your content through different social channels such as Facebook, via email and through your own website. There is nothing wrong with sharing your expertise over various channels, in fact it is a good thing as more people will have the opportunity to see your work.

In fact, if you’re producing this regular content, it will make running your other marketing channels even easier. When you write your next newsletter or post an update to your social media followers, you’ll no longer be struggling for inspiration. Right at your fingertips you’ll have something informative, interesting and valuable to share with them, giving them a great reason to interact with you and your restaurant. They may even enjoy it so much that they’ll share it with their own networks increasing your reach even further.

3) There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Sorry, but content marketing isn’t an immediate quick win. It takes time to convert a potential customer to someone who books a table with you every week, but sharing your expertise will help you to add value, raise awareness and build a valuable relationship with your potential customer that lasts. But, to do this, you need to be consistent with your posts ideally providing content on a weekly basis and make sure your potential customers really looking forward to your next article, image or video. We understand that restaurant owners are working around the clock though, so take a look at these time-saving tips.

Keeping your customers and potential customers engaged isn’t as tough as the above may sound! All you’re doing is having a conversation with people about a topic that you are an expert in. Make sure the content you provide is informative, interesting and regular and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

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