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Why DIY Stores Should Share Their Tips to Get More Customers

Why DIY stores should share their tips to get more customers

The phrase ‘sharing is caring’ is so true when it comes to keeping your local customers coming back to your DIY store. We don’t mean that you should happily start handing out your revenue to your favourite customers, but if you can share some of your industry insights on all things DIY you will notice your customers will love your store even more.

This skill is known as content marketing and here are three reasons why you should become an expert at it.

1)Build trust in your business

Your local customers come to you because you are the expert in what you do. If you can show people how to build a shed for example, people will see your passion and expertise. If you can get this out on your social media channels, in your emails or any other marketing channels you have access to, their trust in you will grow. If they have trust in you they are more likely to spend their hard earned cash in your store when they’re ready to buy.

2)Build lasting relationships

Unfortunately content marketing isn’t an immediate way to bring in some extra revenue. It takes time to nurture and convert a potential customer to someone who comes to your store regularly, but sharing your expertise will help you to add value, raise awareness and build a valuable relationship with your potential customer. To have this lasting relationship, you need to be consistent with your posts ideally providing content on a weekly basis and make sure your potential customers really looking forward to your next article, image or video. We understand that anyone who runs a store is usually working around the clock though, so take a look at these time-saving tips.

3)Raise awareness of your company

Sharing your expertise will mean you can talk to a higher number of people directly instead of just relying on word of mouth.

Having great content is one thing, but you need a good plan to promote it and get people reading it. It’s so important to share your content through different channels such as social media, via email and through your own website. There is nothing wrong with sharing your expertise over various channels, in fact it is a good thing as more people will have the opportunity to see your work.

If you’re producing this regular content, it will make running your other marketing channels even easier. When you write your next newsletter or post an update to your social media followers, you’ll no longer be struggling for inspiration. Right at your fingertips you’ll have something informative, interesting and valuable to share with them, giving them a great reason to interact with you as well as your store. They may even enjoy it so much that they’ll share it with their own networks increasing your reach even further.

Keeping your customers and potential customers engaged isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Essentially you are just having a conversation with a mass audience about a topic that is your bread and butter. Potential customers will value your opinion and it will directly influence whether they buy from you. If you get it right, you will reap the rewards.,

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