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Tips to Help People Find Your Business on Google

Appearing more prominently than your competitors on a search engine results page (like Google) is a top priority and will help your local business to win more customers in the long run. Following a few key rules and regularly updating your business website will help you to appear in search results when people look for you online. But, where do you start as a local business?

We recommend beginning with the two steps below, to see how they can positively impact your presence on Google.

1) Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

A huge 80% of internet users use their smartphones to search the web. This means it is crucial for local business owners like you to make sure your website works well on mobile. If it doesn’t, visitors may abandon your website for one they can use more easily on their smartphones.

On top of that, in April 2015 Google changed how it ranks websites so mobile-friendly sites are given preference when someone is using Google on their smartphone. This means websites that have been optimised for mobile are more likely to be shown higher up on the search results page than websites that haven’t.

There are a number of ways you can make your website mobile-friendly. One way is to create a mobile version of your current website, using a conversion platform like Duda Mobile. However, this would mean having two business websites which you would have to keep updated.

We recommend that the best option is to invest in a responsive website which automatically adapts to different sized screens (there’s more information on that in this article). If your current website is built on WordPress there are already some responsive templates available. However, if you need a bit more help, a good agency will make your website mobile responsive as standard when they build it, a feature of our own websites & digital presence service.

2) Claim your Google My Business page

Google My Business is a very useful service for local businesses and a great way to help customers find you. This tool from Google manages business information so people can easily find you on Google Search, Maps, and Google+. The service works on all devices and gives potential customers fast access to the right information when they need it. It’s also becoming a very important part of searching on Google; when someone looks for your business online, your Google My Business information will be displayed – whether you’ve claimed it or not. By claiming it, you can control and manage the information customers see much more easily.

It can be used for any type of business, whether you have a physical location or not, and also works if you have multiple shops or stores. We’ve written a comprehensive article to claiming your business on Google – you can read it here.

By ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website and claiming your Google My Business page, it’ll be much more likely that people will find your business online. We have more articles that can help you to increase your online visibility and help customers find your business. Read these for more ideas:

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