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4 Seasonal Marketing Campaigns To Inspire Your Business

Major holidays and festival dates are arguably more defined in people’s consciousnesses nowadays by the marketing campaigns around them than by their actual origins. It was, after all, the Coca-Cola company who, in 1931, standardised the image of Father Christmas that we now take for granted.

For decades, massive TV ad campaigns would set the tone for the season, allowing the big beasts of the business world to shape these festivals in their own image. Now, social and online advertising has meant advertisers of all sizes can position themselves in the front of people’s minds on a given holiday, at a much smaller scale.

These are our favourite examples of holiday-themed digital marketing from recent years at each major date in the calendar from now up to Christmas. These can be easily emulated by businesses of all sizes, so read on to find the perfect model for your own seasonal marketing campaign.

1. Svedka’s Halloween data curse

We hope all our readers had a suitably scary Halloween! October 31st is all about things getting creepy, and one thing that’s creeped some people out in recent years is just how sophisticated digital tracking technology has got, particularly in a marketing context.

For their 2017 Halloween campaign, vodka company Svedka tricked people into clicking on a decoy ad for a seasonal cocktail recipe that actually took them straight to a video informing them they’d been ‘cursed’ by ‘hellish ads’. Video banner ads would then trail after the cursed user, taunting them with personal details like their location and device.

To break the spell, a user would have to share a piece of Svedka’s content on social media, ‘passing on’ the curse to any unfortunate friend who clicks on it.

At JPIMedia, we prefer to take a more responsible approach to online advertising, but Svedka’s process of turning the most intrusive examples in on themselves shows the creativity and humour you can achieve with banner ads, whatever the size of your business.

2. Innocent’s pun-tastic Bonfire Night

Explosions in the sky and the warmth of sparklers – who doesn’t love the 5th of November?

Bonfire night typically features less big-budget advertising than other dates in the pre-Christmas calendar. But on social media, where posting is free, the tone is more playful, and ingenuity could be rewarded with going viral, brands try their best to muscle in on the action.

In 2014, Innocent Drinks got their retweets booming with a cheeky pun on Twitter.

They posted a photoshopped picture of mockney maverick Guy Ritchie holding some oversized cutlery with the caption ‘Guy Forks Day’. Very droll, eh?

Guy Ritchie

Social media is a place where putting your funny bone in action can help your business flourish (though try not to drop too many dad jokes). Check out our article on increasing your social media engagement for more tips.

  1. Pieminister’s Black Friday giveaway

Less a holiday than a manic shopping free-for-all, Black Friday has entrenched itself in the UK’s commercial calendar.

In 2016, Bristol-based piemaking legends Pieminister decided to turn the annual discounting spree totally on its head. Faced with a surplus of stock, they gave away thousands of frozen pies in locations around Britain, asking only that customers make a donation to housing charity Shelter.

The event was a storming success, allowing Pieminister to put surplus stock to good use while doing something socially responsible (and getting the press for it). Talk about good brand karma!

To find out how you can use special offers to your own advantage, take a read of our article on local media advertising tricks that can help you stand out.

  1. The Ashmolean’s Christmas calendar

Throughout December, companies of all sizes vie to outdo each other with bigger, bolder and more distinctive marketing campaigns. Sometimes though, it’s the more understated efforts that deserve the most attention.

In 2017, Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum released a digital advent calendar on their website. A click on each day’s box would reveal a new artwork from their collection, with an option on the page to buy a print of that particular piece.

This is an example of a genuinely delightful, unaggressive digital campaign that promotes products in a way people will respond to positively. Checking the calendar for a new masterwork each morning sounds like a rather pleasant start to the day.

The coming months offer so many chances for businesses to capitalise on each fixture of the British calendar without breaking into the stocking-filler fund – all it takes is adding a bit of creative flair to your digital marketing.

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