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Our recommendations for local businesses as the nation reopens

As restrictions on shops and businesses are lifted, we are committed to helping you re-establish your brand in the local community.
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Why advertise during and after the lockdown

Businesses are reopening and people are eager to get shopping now that lockdown restrictions have been relaxed. But we are in a new normal now, so it’s vital to advertise in the right place with the right message. We can help you do this in three ways:

1. Our special #SupportLocal advertising packages will help you re-establish your brand in the local community cost-effectively. So let’s start preparing your campaign in advance. We’ll give you a provisional start date, which you are free to revise, and you will not be charged until you’re ready to go live with your advertising.

2. Devoting additional news coverage in all our newsbrands to highlighting the creativity, generosity and bravery local businesses are showing during this difficult time through our #supportlocal initiative.

3. Offering expert advice to businesses on how to most effectively talk to the community and get back on their feet.

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Here are some useful tips for your business: 
When you start advertising again, use language that shows you are excited to be operating once more, e.g. “We’re open again!”, “Happy to be back!”
Do customers have any favourite products or services of yours? Remind them of these in your advertising to draw them back in.
Reassure customers that you are following recommended safety precautions, so that they know they are safe doing business with you, e.g. any social distancing measures you are putting in place, or availability of hand sanitisers.
Call out any special offers prominently in your advertising.
Place your phone number and email address prominently in your advertising, and include details about any delivery service that you offer.
If there have been any changes to your opening hours or public access, make this clear in your advertising. 
Include your professional credentials, customer testimonials, hygiene ratings and special offers in your advertising.
Demonstrate social conscience with messaging that shows what you are doing to be of help to the community.
Consider how you could use video to showcase your offer remotely, e.g. estate agents can do virtual tours of homes and retailers can demo their products.
Keep customers updated on the status of any events you are running - if they are cancelled, if they are running virtually or even if they are continuing to go ahead.
Be thoughtful on tone-of-voice. Maintain empathy, be honest and avoid anything that may come across as insensitive.

Why advertise with us?

Now more than ever we can connect you with a trusting and engaged audience
News organisations are 4.3 times more trusted for coronavirus news than social media1
There has been a 20% increase in views of desktop digital ads since the outbreak of coronavirus2
We have seen a 17% increase in visitors to our news sites from January to the second week of April3
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Sources: 1. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, April 2020; 2. Lumen, noticing of ads 18-25 March 2020 compared with past 6 months average; 3. Google Analytics, average across all JPIMedia News Brand sites
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