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Our recommendations for local businesses under restrictions

With the newly announced lockdown, your business has to adhere to government mandated restrictions on your activity. We are here to help you keep your business in the public eye during this time, and fully prepare you for a full return to normality.
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Restrictions do not mean you should stop advertising your business

As many of the same restrictions that we went through last year have been reinstated, we know a bit more about how to get through tough periods like this. While the vaccine provides a light at the end of the tunnel, in the meantime we want to help you do everything you can to transition back to normality as successfully as possible.

We learned many important things from the first wave of coronavirus restrictions - and from 2020 in general - which you can read about here. But our main piece of advice is that, even if your doors are closed, you continue to keep your business top of mind with local customers. 

We found that businesses who continued their advertising throughout the first lockdown scored 27% higher on “action intent” (customers reporting an intention to spend money with them) once restrictions were lifted than those that did not*. Check out this video testimonial from one customer who experienced exactly this.
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Here are 10 useful tips for marketing your business during the current restrictions:
Place your phone number and email address prominently in your advertising, and include details about any delivery service that you offer.
If there have been any changes to your opening hours or public access, make this clear in your advertising. Even if there has been no change, remind customers of them anyway.
Include your professional credentials, customer testimonials, hygiene ratings and special offers in your advertising.
Communicate any changes in working practice that you’re making to safeguard customers’ wellbeing, or any offers to support them emotionally and financially, to increase perceptions of your business as a proactive and ethical brand.
Demonstrate social conscience with messaging that shows what you are doing to be of help to the community.
Be on the front foot with communications, preventing any speculation or misinformation about your business that could have a negative impact.
Consider how you could use video to showcase your offer remotely, e.g. estate agents can do virtual tours of homes and retailers can demo their products.
Keep customers updated on the status of any events you are running - if they are cancelled, if they are running virtually or even if they are continuing to go ahead.
Be thoughtful on tone-of-voice. Maintain empathy, be honest and avoid anything that may come across as insensitive. Be cautious about being overly optimistic.
Keep customers updated on stock that might be in high demand, e.g. hand sanitiser, toiletries or non-perishable food items.

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Source: Brand Metrics, 2020
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