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4th September 2019

Engage A New Audience With Social Display

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Advertising has swiftly evolved, with business owners obliged to constantly adapt and change to suit new platforms and audiences. There are now thousands of ways for a business to capture the audience’s attention, and social media is one of the strongest. Out of this influence has now emerged another advertising tool: social display. 

This is where a company’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts are placed on other websites to target new audiences. We’ve just started offering this product to our customers, and we’ve compiled a few ways it can help your business (and customers):

Raise Awareness

Social display has roots in digital display advertising, and for that reason the underlying motivation of your advertisements will be to get your name out there. 

The majority of people who will come across your social display ads aren’t going to know who you are - it’s up to you to show them. Unlike standard digital advertising however, a social display ad can do more than show off your name, logo and promotional offers.

The social format allows audiences to see your online presence, in other words how funny/sarcastic/informative you are on social media. The truth is, social media - when used strategically over time - is a powerful marketing tool. Social display helps your business take full advantage of that.

Increase your reach

Every man and his dog are online these days, so it makes sense that your business is too. Of course, competition is tough, so don’t just be online but be online in the right places for your customers. 

Research shows that people take more time reading content on trusted websites, so it makes sense to choose carefully where you place your ad. Our social display customers get the chance to be promoted on the most relevant articles across our large network of news sites. This not only brings the ad greater reach, but also ensures that it is seen by the most relevant audiences.

When it comes to advertising, environment matters. New statistics have proven that social display delivers 10 times more engagement than standard display advertising, with social media users engaging better with a social format. Additionally, social display has demonstrated 5 times more engagement than social feeds, where the posts are now seen by even the most socially unconscious audiences. 

Ads that don’t look like ads

Social display are not your typical ads. The key to social display is that it is non-disruptive, focusing on the user through an authentic social post rather than the standard sales rhetoric.

They’re also incredibly simple. You don’t have to be a seasoned marketer to set them up. All you need is the existing social post URL (you can choose a variety from multiple platforms) and we’ll spread them across our trusted news sites. What used to be an arduous task has now become a simple process that anyone can do.

The “Marketoonist” Tom Fishburne once said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”. This sentiment certainly suits social display as well as people’s changing habits, with 70 percent of individuals preferring to learn about products through content rather than through traditional interruption-based advertising.

Inspire action

At the end of the day, every ad wants to be clicked. As much as you want the audience to enjoy your ad, you want them to enjoy your website or social profile even more.

Once clicked, your social display ad will link to your social profile, website, or any email or telephone link. Your ad can be configured to bring audiences to multiple locations, and directing them to both your social profile and online store could accelerate your customer’s journey to a purchase. 

Getting clicks on your social posts is like being picked out of a large crowd. With all that competition congregating in one place, spreading your social posts onto other platforms gives you a greater chance of a click, or even a purchase.  

Engage a new audience

Social media remains an extremely powerful marketing tool, but with competition already increasing day by day it can be tough to stay ahead of competitors. Social display is quickly becoming an effective strand of social advertising, where businesses can engage new audiences without fighting the crowds on social platforms. 

Interested in hearing more about Social Display? Contact one of our experts today

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