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1st December 2020

The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Business This Christmas

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Unless your business is fresh out the oven, you’re probably familiar with the Christmas season’s unique dynamics. For most businesses, Christmas is one of the year’s peak periods, marked by flurries of sales and a promotional strategy to boot. 

Even if this isn’t your first time marketing yourself at Christmas, we think it’s worth thinking about how you can apply your efforts more strategically. You might already be familiar with the concept of the buyer’s journey. This is a model that marketers use to map out the stages by which people come to finally make a purchase. You can learn more about the buyer’s journey in our in-depth guide here

Paying attention to the four stages of the buyer’s journey - awareness, consideration, preference and action, helps us direct our marketing. During a period as potentially lucrative as Christmas, a bit of guided planning can make all the difference. 

That’s why we’ve published a series of articles over the last few weeks taking readers through how they should structure their Christmas marketing campaign at each step of the journey. Let’s recap. 

1. How to Raise Brand Awareness this Christmas (That Lasts The Whole Year)

In this piece, we focused on getting your brand on people’s minds ahead of the big spend. We highlighted the steps you should take to reinforce your unique personality, and the channels you might use to get it out there. 

2. How to Stand Out From The Competition At Christmas

Once you’ve got your name in people’s heads, it’s time to get them thinking about why you might be worth a look-in. 

In this article, we outline the attributes that will help your brand cut through, and media formats that best amplify this kind of messaging. 

3. How to Become Customers' Top Choice This Christmas

This article is all about how you can elevate yourself above your competitors to become the best-regarded business in your field. We guide you through the techniques you need to employ to get engaged customers on the brink of buying. 

4. How To Sell More This Christmas

Last but not least, we took you through the final part of the equation - getting a potential customer over the line.

We hope this series of articles will help you have a very merry Christmas, flush with new customers and satisfied regulars alike. 

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