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18th March 2019

5 Content Marketing Tactics For Generating New Leads

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Blogging is a seriously effective way to generate new leads. Whatever you sell and whoever you sell it to, offering your audience informative, valuable content makes them more likely to buy from you, which is why finding the right content marketing tactics has become a priority for businesses everywhere.

A winning content strategy isn’t just for big businesses who can afford to hire dedicated writers though. Businesses of any size can use these 5 content marketing tactics to get on the path to generating more leads more often.

  1. Decide who you’re writing for

If you want your content to put people on a journey towards buying from you, you’ve got to work out both who you want to read it and what they’ll want to read it for.

The best way to do this is to create a few of what marketers call personas - semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer, which you base on real data you have about existing customers. A good persona includes traits like age, educational background, location, career, spending power and personal interests.

You can use personas to help model most parts of your marketing strategy, but they’re particularly useful for creating content, as you can tailor your writing to what you think your different personas would be most receptive to.

  1. Stay SEO-savvy

Search engine optimisation - SEO for short - will help you push your business further up search results when potential customers search particular words and phrases.

For instance, if you owned a gym, you’d want to make your brand more visible to people interested in keeping fit. You’d use a free tool like KWFinder to see what people are searching for around this topic, and spot that many were searching for ‘upper body exercises’. You might then write a blog all about that topic, with the intention of getting it on the first page of Google’s results for that search term.

SEO can be a pretty technical process, and is worth reading about in more depth here. For your content to succeed, you’ll have to make sure it’s visible online to motivated customers searching for information on what you sell.

  1. Don’t be boring

It’s a simple principle, but an important one. People’s attention spans on the internet are limited, so if you don’t want them to click off your content, you’ve got to give them a reason to stay and read.

That means eye-catching headlines that make people want to click, engaging copy that speaks to reader’s interests, and striking visuals.

Why not read our article on how to create unmissable content?

  1. Be authoritative

To really impress prospects, you need to show them that you don’t just sell a great product or service; you sell your expertise alongside it.

One powerful way to do this is by producing content that educates people about your field, offers solutions to their problems, and highlights relevant trends.

This is what marketers call ‘thought leadership’, and it’s an objective for businesses all around the world. With 80% of business decision makers reporting that strong thought leadership content, such as guides and ‘how-to’ articles, has increased their trust in an organisation they were considering buying from, it’s easy to see why thought leadership has come one of the most important content marketing tactics!

  1. Publish in a premium context

Trust is a powerful commodity in marketing, and advertising that’s published in an environment that people have confidence in, like news websites, is proven to be looked at more often and for longer than ads elsewhere online.

This works even better when you use that trusted environment to go beyond standard clickable ads. But how can your business do this?

By using sponsored content; a kind of advertising that takes the form of a full-length professionally written article, about a topic relevant to your customers. These reliably generate higher rates of attention and engagement than almost any other type of advertising.

Our digital marketing team can help your business take advantage of sponsored content.

Whatever you’re putting out, producing content is a great first step to winning people’s trust and generating new leads. To really do your creative efforts justice though, you’ll need a smart strategy that encompasses the best content marketing tactics for both the writing and publishing stages.

Next time you sit down to write some copy for your blog, or when you’re looking for a place to carry your message, think back on the principles outlined here and you’ll be on your way to creating new customers with impressive content.

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