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24th November 2020

Bite-Size Marketing: The Effectiveness Of Combining Print And Digital

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Digital innovation has transformed the way brands tell their story. And with new technology coming in at an increasingly fast pace, we now have more marketing methods than ever before. 

Yet, when promoting your business, it’s critical not to forget about traditional media, such as print advertising. During the recent coronavirus pandemic, people spent 24% longer reading their local newspaper, with ad recall 1.7 times higher in print news brands compared to digital.

While digital and print perform very well separately, marketing experts have found there is a strong “Multiplier Effect” from using both in combination. In fact, including both print and digital news brands in your campaign mix will deliver three times the effectiveness than using just one platform.

Click here to view the full articles - Print vs Digital’ by RAMetrics and ‘Multi-Platform: A Deep Dive’ by NewsWorks

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