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30th March 2020

Small Businesses Of The Week

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As part of our #supportlocal campaign, every week JPIMedia’s local news titles are highlighting businesses from up and down the country that are responding to these uncertain times with creativity, generosity, humour and courage. 

Local businesses are a vital part of the communities they serve, and are used by you, your friends and neighbours and the wider public. So we are committed to supporting them not only with marketing solutions, but also by shining a spotlight on those that are doing themselves and their communities proud.

Here is a round-up of local businesses that have caught our attention this week. We hope this will serve as inspiration for your business too.

1. Best One, Northampton

Northampton Chronicle & Echo

This Northampton shop is going above and beyond to support its community during the coronavirus crisis  

2. The Peacock; Rowsey, Derbyshire

Derbyshire Times

Coronavirus: Top Peak District restaurant launches takeaway service 'to help community'

3. The Silk Route, Preston

Lancashire Post

Preston restaurant's free food gesture to frontline medics

4.  JD Tiplers, Portadown

The Belfast News Letter

Coronavirus: Pub going extra mile for panicked shoppers during COVID-19 pandemic

5. Faulds barbers, Calderdale

Halifax Courier

Calderdale barber is cut above the rest during COVID-19 outbreak

6. Boxxfresh, Titchfield

The News

A veg delivery service is offering free food boxes to vulnerable people across the Portsmouth area

7. Amber Cars, Northampton 

Northampton Chronicle & Echo

Coronavirus: Northampton taxi firm offering discounts and delivery services for whoever needs them

8. Mae’s, Doncaster

Doncaster Free Press

Butchers employ staff who would have otherwise been made redundant  

9. Yousuf Bhaliok, Preston

Lancashire Post

Coronavirus: Preston business man pledges £200,000 to support city's NHS staff during Covid-19 outbreak

10. The Hornet Alehouse, Chichester

Chichester Observer

Coronavirus: Chichester pub will deliver beer and support elderly

If you know of any businesses that have done great things to serve their community during the Coronavirus outbreak, or if you think that your own business has, please contact group commercial content editor Mark Waldron at, and we’d love to talk about you.

For advice on how you can help your business make it through the months ahead, please see our Coronavirus recommendation page here.

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