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19th November 2020

Local Business Heroes of the Week

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So we’re back in lockdown, with hospitality and non-essential retail bearing the brunt of restrictions once again. This will be a tough few weeks for us all, but just as in the Spring, we’re seeing a remarkable effort from businesses to step up to the plate and see their communities through. 

We’ve compiled a list of 11 businesses, organisations and individuals across the UK who are doing great things for local people, whether that’s by helping out those in need, keeping our spirits up or providing a few creature comforts to make the whole ordeal more bearable. 

1. Wicks, Hampshire 

This restaurant forced to close in lockdown has turned its hand once again to helping its community by providing food bags for the homeless.

The News, Portsmouth 

2. Forthview Golf Range, Falkirk

This golf course has earned local praise for collecting donations for at-risk people in Falkirk

Falkirk Herald

3. Harwoods Patisserie, Wigan

This new bakery has just taken the brave decision to open its doors during the new  lockdown, keeping local people supplied with treats to tide them through the new restrictions

Wigan Today

4. Moor Market traders, Sheffield 

Over 30 traders at Sheffield’s fantastic Moor Market will keep the city supplied with essential goods during lockdown 

The Star

5. Day-Today, Drylaw, Edinburgh 

This convenience store came out at the top of the Evening News’s list of local businesses that have gone above and beyond after giving away free parcels for the elderly, and goodie bags to lift children's spirits this Halloween

Edinburgh Evening News

6. One More Than Two Brew, South Shields

This brewery is keeping local ale fans entertained while pubs are closed with a contest to name their monkey mascot, with a prize of free beer, 

Shields Gazette

7. Shop Rushden, Northamptonshire

A new website has been set up by  Rushden Town Council to promote local businesses during the second lockdown 

Northamptonshire Telegraph

8. Northern Stage and Kitchen Zoo, Sunderland

The teams behind much-loved Christmas productions at Newcastle Theatre are keeping up the festive cheer with a new adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes that families can stream from the comfort and safety of their own homes

Sunderland Echo

9. Live Is Alive!, Brighton

Music fans have raised over £13,000 for struggling small venues by attending socially distanced concerts and livestreams at Brighton Dome 

Brighton & Hove Independent

10. Richard Sleigh, Ilkeston

A Derbyshire businessman has created a unique outdoor dining shelter to help save the hospitality industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Buxton Advertiser

11. Spaghetti Agency, Warwick

A Warwick-based digital marketing agency are keeping businesses clued up with tips and free daily training throughout the second lockdown, and have even set up a virtual pub so that local entrepreneurs can network from home. 

Leamington Spa Courier

We’ll be highlighting more businesses going the extra mile over the next few weeks of lockdown, so check back soon for your next batch of everyday inspiration. 

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