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8th April 2019

Fresh Marketing Ideas For Your Business This Spring

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Welcome to April! The clocks have gone forward, and spring is well and truly here. This is traditionally a time for renewing and revitalising things, and that’s just as true for your marketing as it is for anything else. That’s why we’ve put together these 6 fresh marketing ideas to help you spruce up your strategy and raise your profile with local customers as the warmer months unfold.

1. Launch a new promotion

If you want to quickly drum up new business, special offers are the ace in your pack. People jump at a bargain, particularly when it’s for a limited time only, so select a few of your products that you think would play well as part of a seasonal promotion, and reduce them in price, or offer them together.

So come up with the formula for your deal, and tell the community about it! Why not take out an ad in your local newspaper? It’s a classic technique for temporary promotions, catching the attention of local people in a place they trust.

Our marketing experts can design and publish an effective print ad for you in a size of your choice to help get your promotion off the ground.

2. Have some fun on social media

Social platforms provide a more casual setting to speak to your customers, so take advantage of people’s springtime positivity and make your social media marketing more playful.

Even something as old-school as a caption contest can get people engaged, making your page more visible both to existing customers and their network of friends.

3. Publish some themed content

Maybe your business sells something inherently connected to the changing of the seasons, like garden furniture or bird seed, giving you particular authority to speak on what the spring means to local customers.

You can turn your special insight into a powerful marketing asset with an article featuring your business, published on your local news website. This form of advertising is known as sponsored content, and it lets you demonstrate your expertise to local people with a professionally-written article they’ll find useful and informative.

Our professional journalists can write a piece of quality content on behalf of your business, and publish it to customers all over your community.

4. Hold an in-store event

It’s never a bad idea to get local people together, and your store could be the venue for a memorable event that raises people’s estimation of your business.

Are there any notable individuals living nearby who might be willing to deliver a talk, a Q&A, or sign autographs? Ask them if they’d like to be involved in a fun bank holiday or weekend event, and spread the word locally.

5. Give your digital assets a seasonal makeover

Just as people ditch their darker winter colours in favour of more vibrant attire when the sun rolls around, your business can step into spring with a refreshed digital get-up.

Consider adding some seasonal graphics or animations to your website header, and onsite pop-ups boasting bright colours and positive messaging to take visitors further towards a purchase.

Spring provides a great opportunity to jazz up your online inventory of marketing content. If you’re already advertising online, why not redesign your display ads with a spring theme - birds, green trees, rabbits, or other such hallmarks of this time of year?

Remember though - stick to the proper design guidelines for banner ads to ensure your click rate doesn’t fall off.

6. Get a handle on your data

Okay, it doesn’t sound quite as exciting, but having a firm grasp on how your marketing is performing is absolutely essential for any business looking to grow.

If your business has a website, make sure you’ve installed Google Analytics so that you’ve got an easy way of monitoring how much traffic you’re driving to your site and where it’s coming from.

If you’re not already doing so, start tracking your social media in detail with these 5 KPIs, making sure that all possible bases are covered. Your bottom line will thank you for it!

For a more in-depth walkthrough of how to keep up with your core stats, download our free guide to measuring your marketing.

Spring is the season for making positive changes and finding new ways of doing things, so why not follow the season’s lead and use these 6 fresh marketing ideas to put a smile on your customers’ faces, and more money in your till.

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