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2nd July 2018

Find the Right Channel to Advertise Your Business Locally

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By channel we are just referring to different types of media; so local news websites would be one, print ads would be another, and billboards would be another still. Picking the right channel, or mix of channels, and then tailoring the message and the targeting to fit your ideal audience is the key to the most promising leads.

Here are five questions to help you identify your ultimate marketing mix and get your targeting right first time.


Who do you want to talk to?

The ability to target your advertising is one of the most important recent developments in marketing. Before targeting, it really was a case of 'hit and hope'; you had to pay to put out your ads and simply pray that the right people would see them. Now you can specify all sorts of aspects of your desired audience: their location, age group, gender, or even profession. This means that your money is spent in the right places, reaching customers with a demonstrated interest in your products or services.


What do they read/watch/do?

Targeting also allows you to establish which channels your ads will appear on. The options are endless, but the best way to advertise your business locally is almost always to use a mix of channels, or what we call multichannel marketing. Ideally you want your ads to appear in the places your customers spend their time online; targeting will help you do this by finding the right apps, social networks and websites for your ads to appear. If you’re not sure what your customers are reading/watching/doing, then you could try to get some market research on your customers by sending out some surveys, using the information to improve your targeting in future.


What is your objective?

Some channels are better for raising awareness of your brand, while others are more useful for generating sales or leads. For instance, social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are great for raising your profile, but if you are looking to make direct sales then banner ads promoting a special offer on a particular product may be more valuable. Ideally, a good multichannel marketing strategy will achieve long-term results by performing both these tasks.

Most people look at many different kinds of digital media in a single day, from Google Maps to smartphone apps containing targeted ads, to the local online press. A winning marketing approach encompasses all these channels to boost the chances of generating customer interest. Whatever your budget, JPIMedia makes it possible to run wide-ranging ad campaign across all the most important platforms.


How many potential customers are there in your area?

Location targeting is a fantastic way to engage with your desired audience. According to Google, 50% of people conducting local searches on their mobiles visit a shop within a day. These motivated customers are essential leads for your business.

Well-written geo-targeted ads can turn idle searches into sales. Despite this, vast numbers of SMEs are still not using this technology, so make sure you stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on this opportunity.


What is your budget?

Targeting technologies allow you to achieve strong results on smaller budgets, removing constraints on less cash-rich businesses. Previously, if you wanted to advertise your business locally, budget constraints would probably restrict you to a single format. Now, instead of shelling out for a single billboard or bulk leaflet order, you can pick a budget that suits your business while remaining confident that your ads are reaching the right people across multiple channels.

Before you start, it's very important to set your budget, and to be realistic about what you can achieve. Then you can monitor and measure the results and improve your marketing approach in real time. This will also let you quickly pull out of any channels that aren’t profitable and redistribute your budget towards more effective ones.

With so many means of marketing now available to small businesses, picking a place to start can feel confusing. What works for one business may not work for another, but if you keep these five questions in mind then you’ll be all set to reap the rewards of a cost-effective, carefully targeted local advertising campaign on the channels of your choice.

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